• Early morning dreams

    Sometimes silence is a really good answer. Not only as a reaction to things going on in your life but also as a way to contextualize life and put things in perspective. Limburg being one of the more rural parts of the Netherlands gives great opportunities to cover yourself in a blanket of silence. Especially if you out early morning. Early morning thought instead of early morning dreams. I took these pictures now nearly a year ago. Very silent in Venlo but it was fun playing around with the sunrise and the fog. I especially like the shadows and contrast the sun creates when rising.

  • Walking in the cold

    Fairly recently I’ve been walking once every month with the “Green Muslims” , our last walk in one of the many national parks in the Netherlands (Veluwezoom). A great opportunity to take some photos in the cold and somewhat foggy landscape. Found it also very nice to see the nature change during our 10km walk. I believe at first we started in the forest, moved on to heathland and finally finished in the forest again. Have to admit maybe the editing make the photos feel colder than the temperature actually was.