• Early morning dreams

    Sometimes silence is a really good answer. Not only as a reaction to things going on in your life but also as a way to contextualize life and put things in perspective. Limburg being one of the more rural parts of the Netherlands gives great opportunities to cover yourself in a blanket of silence. Especially if you out early morning. Early morning thought instead of early morning dreams. I took these pictures now nearly a year ago. Very silent in Venlo but it was fun playing around with the sunrise and the fog. I especially like the shadows and contrast the sun creates when rising.

  • istanbul street dance

    Istanbul Dreams

    When still studying I had the opportunity to do my internship in Turkey. Due to some -unforseen- circumstances I ended up living for 1,5 years in Istanbul. First, the European part in which I was living in the famous (not for good reasons) Dolapdere, Taksim. Later on the company I was working for decided to move to another continent (read; the Asian side) so I ended up living in Moda, Kadikoy. At that time, I had a lot of fun but as I hadn’t finished my education I was forced to return. That was already over 5 years ago in which I didn’t visit Turkey at all. Last year I…

  • Life in Egypt

    Had the opportunity to visit Egypt with the wonderful people of SV IDEE in May of this year. We visited Cairo, helped out in one of the local elementary schools, shared meals with the locals and explored the city. Cairo itself is a beautiful city. I found Egypt to be very interesting, partly because of its rich history but also because of the nice people and great food. Maybe one of the last Arab countries I’ll visit. As I have now found out that from an outside perspective there isn’t much (observable) difference between people and culture.

  • Walking in the cold

    Fairly recently I’ve been walking once every month with the “Green Muslims” , our last walk in one of the many national parks in the Netherlands (Veluwezoom). A great opportunity to take some photos in the cold and somewhat foggy landscape. Found it also very nice to see the nature change during our 10km walk. I believe at first we started in the forest, moved on to heathland and finally finished in the forest again. Have to admit maybe the editing make the photos feel colder than the temperature actually was.

  • Glow Eindhoven

    Glow Eindhoven is one of those light festivals you see all over the country. Glow seems to be the oldest and the biggest. Once you go you’ll have a hard time finding a good place to look at the many light shows spread across the city. Tried to take various photos. Mainly concentrated on the architecture as I found most other light displays less interesting and even harder to photograph. I think I did well with the church.

  • Visiting Rome

    Rome was one of the last cities we have visited in our interrail trip. I especially liked the wide variety of people in the city. Not like most of the north European cities I’m used to. A great mix of tourists, people from the Vatican, old, young rich and poor. Architecture is very impressive in Rome however didn’t really have the time to photograph all the beautiful buildings. And at the same time, due to all of the tourists it was hard to get a nice shot anyways. The tourists did however provide some nice photo opportunities in the many historical buildings of Rome.